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Alert Shirt

CHE Proximity

Aussies don’t just love AFL; they live and breathe it. Foxtel and CHE Proximity teamed up to help fans get even closer to it – allowing them to feel the game, the adrenalin, the heart palpitations, right from the comfort of home.

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  • Challenge

    Foxtel had to deliver on their claim that“no one gets you closer,” while growing awareness and interest in Foxtel’s sports channel, Fox Sports. They were competing with free-to-air broadcasting (FTA) which owned the AFL coverage rights. People struggled to justify paying for Fox Sports’ coverage for something they could get for free.

  • Solution

    Foxtel and CHE Proximity developed a world-first in wearable technology: Alert Shirt. Customers who suited up with this kit – integrated with technology that would let them feel every last bump in the game – felt what the players felt, live, as it happens. A bespoke phone app captured real-time game data and relayed it via Bluetooth to electronics inside the shirt, which converted the data into powerful physical sensations.

  • Results

    Alert Shirt was a hit. In the first week: 2.1 million people reached on Facebook, 135,000 video clickthroughs and 400,000 Twitter impressions – and a 9% increase in programming perceptions during the campaign. The campaign was a Cannes Lion Finalist, won a Clio Sports Grand Prix and was recognized at the 2013 Mumbrella Awards. It changed the rules of broadcast television and of professional sports – from something you watch to something you truly experience.