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A Hearing Test in Disguise

CHE Proximity

Cochlear and CHE Proximity developed a short film to share a love story with cinemagoers – and to also act as a hearing test. This original approach got people talking about hearing loss, and about what they can do to remedy it.


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  • Challenge

    More than 3.5 million Australians have lost their hearing to some extent. And while most have heard of Cochlear, many don’t realize they need help – or they are ignoring their degrading hearing altogether. About 85% have done nothing to address it. Cochlear wanted to start a conversation about hearing loss.

  • Solution

    Cochlear and CHE Proximity collaborated with leading audiologists, sound engineers and technicians to create the short film Does Love Last Forever? With a corresponding campaign site in place, the film was screened to cinemagoers. Depending on their hearing ability, the viewer experienced one of two stories: those with normal hearing saw a story about a lasting, loving relationship, and those with impaired hearing saw a story about love that didn’t last. A direct call to action encouraged viewers to learn more at, where they could take a test and find help.

  • Results

    This film spurred people to seriously consider and investigate their hearing loss. Since its release in Feb 2017, Cochlear has given over 100,000 people a hearing test and has seen a substantial rise in people seeking help.