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Dennis Gillespie,
Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Gillespie

An Omnicom veteran but relative newcomer to Proximity, Dennis leads worldwide finance and commercial operations. 

His career got off to an exciting start, working for an internet service provider in the heady early days of digital before he returned from the virtual world to earn his Certified Public Accountant stripes in 1998. And the digital curiosity that goes back to those times still motivates him today and has kept him active as a digital and tech start-up advisor. He has provided guidance for companies such as Findie, Hoppa, Lightful, Sampler and Midrive.

This digital dynamic combines with 10 years of board level and 15 years of international experience across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. His career has covered a breadth of sectors including healthcare, energy services and telecoms.

Dennis holds an MBA with distinction from both London Business School and Columbia Business School.